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Telegraph Wed 22 Apr 2015
DotTAX is acquainted with everyone sharing
Tax junction
Alfred Monterie
Amstelveen -

DotTAX is a new platform for anyone who has to do with professional tax.
From the Netherlands a global community is set up where both tax advisors and customers can become a member of. DotTAX, an ambitious project of KPMG Meijburg not only wants a kind of LinkedIn for fiscal interested, but also to find the place where all the information is.
The app (iOS) and the website Dottax.com provide access to all tax laws and decisions. One can also follow the news and developments in specific areas as well as contributions from other members. Each will have its own domain name.
Members can keep a separate file with interesting information. It makes sense also to contribute to get tax discussions and followers. This potential customers can see who has certain tax expertise. Also contacts between tax advisers and their clients can go through DotTAX.
The community is an initiative of KPMG Meijburg, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Internet company UnifiedRoot. Through the platform to create free hoped Robert van der Jagt, partner at KPMG Meijburg, a rapid penetration in the consulting business and industry. It took some effort to convince his organization to share certain tax knowledge. Much work has gone into making better searchability and tax rulings. Van der Jagt: "Until recently it was difficult to find. With a search you can find little as mortgage deduction. The law speaks of the costs of loans contracted to finance a property that serves as principal residence of the taxpayer. The word mortgage deduction is not in there for. "The solution is to add labels to hand this information. Especially the analysis of judgments takes time and understanding.
The tax authorities, judiciary, tax consulting and publishing endorsed the need to make an authoritative tax taxonomy, which can be used by anyone. Apart from Dutch tax law is something made of EU law. So far lacked such a tree. "The egg of Columbus," said Van der Jagt. In any event, such a transaction, work, dismissal, emigration or death, you can therefore specify which laws may apply. "For everything you do, have tax consequences." Take for example, a divorce of a couple that own their own home. In such an event will be dealing with a lot of tax laws. The tax taxonomy also provides the ability to expose the links between those laws.
We had this system as KPMG Meijburg themselves can build, but that is not efficient, "said Van der Jagt who stressed that this Dutch initiative is unique in the legal world.

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