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  12 August  2014

First TLDs  live on web/mobile for Ipad





Brand and Generic domains

Brand TLDs : It is now possible to use your brand name or trademark as a domain name extension. Take control your Internet identitiy. Example ".canon". 

Generic TLDs : You can now create generic term domain name extensions that appeal to professional groups, or communities with a common interest. ".architects",".stamps", or ".cooking".

Non-Latin script domains

Domain names are no longer restricted to characters from the Latin alphabet. You can now create Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Cyrillic characters etc. and allow visitors to navigate to your web site using domain names in their own language.

Our Partners


Security : Digidentity offers authentication for both service-providers (SSL certificates) and users (client Authentication services) on the Unifiedroot TLD environment.

Unifiedroot TLD Benefits:

  1. Unifiedroot's gTLD application is open ;
  2. Once registrated, use your TLD immediately ;
  3. Total registration  fee,   depending on TLD contact Unifiedroot
  4. Average application evaluation period, 15 days ;
  5. IDNs , Non-Latin character TLDs supported;
  6. Establish IP Rights  to your TLD or IDN;
  7. Sell Second-Level Domains to your community
  8. Direct access via APP
  • TO APPLY , Enter a TLD or IDN in the white box above and click on the orange "Check! ' button.

Join the innovative global .tax domain !

  • Download on IPAD dottax
  • see dottax.com

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In minutes, from anywhere on the internet, download and install the "Sundial Browser".

Our Sundial Browser seamlessly recognizes all TLDS from both ICANN and Unifiedroot .
Visit SundialBrowser.com  to download Sundial VI and check out the newest TLDs and IDNs to go live with Unifiedroot.