Digidentity is an established supplier of authentication and authorization solutions for governments, companies and individuals. Digidentity has been ETSI certified by BSI and is a member of the CAB forum , and is by law authorized to deliver PKI certificates.

Unifiedroot has partnered with Digidentity to enhance the browsing environment of the Sundian Browser with new trust and security measures. This will allow for a much more secure browsing experience, where websites can securely verify the visitor of the site via a Digidentity link.

Digidentity's solutions will also be used for authentication of both service providers and users on the Unifiedroot architecture. Service providers will be authenticated using Digidentity issued SSL certificates, whereas users will be authenticated using Digidentity's Client Authentication Services.

Digidentity provides a "landing page" for authentication. This "LaunchPad" application will allow users to start a persistent session on the Unifiedroot architecture, enabling Single Sign On and a central repository of personal information to be used with any enabled web services. This personal information is stored in a completely secure environment, allowing the user (and no one but the user) to share certain items on a service-to-service basis.

A web service can use Digidentity's system by connecting to Digidentity's Core Applications through SAML. SAML is an open standard for cross-platform and cross-application authentication and authorization. This architecture results in a single sign-on system, operating across the entire Unifiedroot environment. It is easily connected to by both service providers and users, and provides an exceptional level of security."