Short, easy to remember domain names

Unifiedroot’s Brand Name TLDs help business and institutions to manage their online brand identity. Brand Name TLDs are a simple, direct, and memorable addressing system that provides a more efficient, user-friendly method of accessing information on the Internet.

For example: Your customers could navigate directly to the area of your website they wish to visit thus, reducing their your reliance on search engines:

  • http://home.unifiedroot
  • http://about.unifiedroot
  • http://benefits.unifiedroot

Ideal for creative on-line campaigning

Owning a Brand Name TLD gives you the luxury of using your brand name extension to create any Internet address (or Second-Level Domain) you wish. This makes TLDs a particularly strong instrument for creative on-line campaigns. By creating your own custom URLs with your domain name extension, you can advertise domain names that would have direct links to specific web sites or web pages. Using Brand Name TLDs makes it easier to locate your organization on the web and web addresses can now be assigned more logically. For example:

  • www.specials.yourbrand
  • www.newproduct.yourbrand
  • www.contest.yourbrand

Brand Name TLDs are like a warranty seal

Branded Top-Level Domains are like a warranty seal: only web pages or websites that have been validated by your organization will have the .yourbrandname extension. The unique position of your brand name in these Internet addresses is linked directly with the highest level of the Internet's addressing system. This effectively means that you control everything that goes before the dot. Once Internet users become familiar with this new naming convention, their conclusion will be: "This site can only be owned and authorized by the brand I know and trust". This is believed to greatly benefit financial institutions, software producers, providers of medical information, to name but a view examples.

Protect your Intellectual Property Rights

A basic premise in Intellectual Property law is that actual use creates rights . The significant advantage for brand name and trademark holders registering a TLD or IDN at Unifiedroot is that they can start using it immediately. By doing this they will be protecting and securing the Intellectual Property rights to their TLD or IDN.