As well as our brand or trademark TLD can we also apply for its equivalent IDN in various languages?

Yes, Unifiedroot offers international organizations the possibility to register TLDs in different languages and script types. Each language version of a TLD will be registered on our system as a separate TLD or IDN.

What is the cost to register a Brand Name TLD?

The registration fee for a Brand Name TLD at Unifiedroot is
 EUR 50,000. The annual renewal fee is EUR 12,500.

What about my existing website?

A domain registered at Unifiedroot will function independent of domains registered at ICANN. For example on our system the Unifiedroot corporate website address is home.unifiedroot. On the ICANN system it is These are two independent and stand-alone websites.

Can we use a Brand Name TLD to create e-mail addresses with the same extension?

It is not currently possible to do so, but we may offer this option in the future.

Will all Internet users be able to access websites under TLDs registered at Unifiedroot?

To view TLDs registered at Unifiedroot users must first be able to query our root servers. Unifiedroot has ingeniously solved this problem.  From the original source code of Mozilla's Firefox browser we have developed our own browser. The browser has been designed to seamlessly recognize all the TLDs we are familiar with now from ICANN as well as all the TLDs on the Unifiedroot root servers."

Can a TLD registered at Unifiedroot be sold?

Yes, a TLD registered at Unifiedroot may be sold and transferred providing the following conditions have been met:

  1. all outstanding fees of the current registration holder have been paid;
  2. the transfer fee of the TLD has been paid. The transfer fee is 25% of the sale price of the TLD;
  3. access to the TLD has not been suspended or terminated by us;
  4. the transferee agrees to be bound by Unifiedroot's Terms and Conditions, has provided all necessary information and meets the criteria set out in these Terms;
  5. the sale is granted approval from Unifiedroot's governing board.

Where do I find the TLD application form?

There is no direct link to the TLD application form. The first step in our application process is to perform a search at our "Availability Check " page to see if the TLD you are looking for is available.

If the TLD you are looking for is available you will see an orange button with the text "Click here to apply for (your TLD)". This link will take you to the application form. We strongly recommended that you first read through all sections of the website before starting the application process.