Dot com, becomes dot brand

It is now finally possible to register your brand names and trademarks as Top-Level Domains. A Top-Level Domain is like a signature Internet address. Instead of having a web address (domain name) ending with ".com" or a country code, you can now have your own brand name as an Internet address. can now be www.home.yourbrand

In fact, your brand name can become the custom extension of all associated web pages.

  • www.specials.yourbrand
  • www.newproduct.yourbrand

Now at last, the signature names you have created to brand your organization, your products and your services can be used to identify your business in the web browser as well.

To direct, or to re-direct

You do not have to give up your existing traditional domain names in order to start using a TLD. Nor do you have to create a new website. Although it is possible to locate your website within a TLD, it is also possible to link your TLD to a specific page on an existing site and just use it as a re-direct. For example 'newproduct.yourbrand' can be used as a direct link to an existing website on which you promote one of your new products, or a new one. The URL 'http:// jobs.yourbrand' can be used as the Internet address for the careers section of your site, etc.

Launch your exclusive TLD within two months

Unifiedroot invites you to exploit one of the greatest innovations of the Internet since its inception. As an early adaptor, you can enable your target audiences to visit these new domains immediately.

More information

For more information please read our Benefits of Brand Name TLDs  and FAQs of Brand Name TLDs  pages.