Members of a group can all have the same "surname"

The possibility that Unifiedroot offers to create, register and actually start using new community-based TLDs opens a host of revolutionary new opportunities. Just think of how "member-name.organization" addresses will enable professional associations to identify their members on the Internet in the clearest possible way. All members of a particular association or professional group can have domain names with the same distinctive extension. In fact the domain extension becomes like a "surname" on the web.

A domain name can now be a real indication

The new Top-Level Domains that can be registered with Unifiedroot finally give Internet communities the possibility to create Second-Level Domains with extensions that actually mean something to them. As the ".diabetes" example illustrates, certain generic word TLDs can serve as real value-added domain extensions. Well-chosen domain extensions appeal in particular to people who identify with certain themes. 

A powerful tool for strengthening communities

Owning a TLD means that you can have full control over what goes immediately before the dot. Unifiedroot's TLD owners have the opportunity to administer their own name-space. They will be entrusted with formulating and enforcing a policy to insure the integrity and interest of their Internet community. As a TLD owner YOU decide who is eligible to buy a Second-Level Domain (SLD) associated with your TLD and what content you want for your community.

Creating a Revenue Stream - Start selling new SLDs

You can create for your own use, give out to others, or even start selling off Second-Level domain names with your generic TLD. This means that you can commercialize domain name registrations using your own custom TLDs as new generic domain extensions. While certain terms and conditions are applicable, there is almost no limit to the number of SLDs you can sell.