The wait is finally over!

The Internet has become the platform of choice for all sorts of communities: professional groups, academia, patient groups, lifestyle groups, activity based clubs, associations, you name it. While many of these have there own web sites, all have been limited to the use of traditional generic domain name extensions such as '.org', '.net' , '.edu' , country code suffixes, etc. The trouble with these is that they bear little or no relationship to the contents of the websites. In addition, most traditional domain extensions are based on Anglo-Saxon terminology, which is an a foreign language to most people in the world.

Community-based generic TLD example: diabetes

Unifiedroot offers communities a unique possibility to make it much easier and much more fun for their constituents to navigate the Internet. For example, the first health related community-based TLD that has been created on Unifiedroot is ".diabetes". The company dLife has mirrored its current website onto the Unifiedroot platform. The homepage can be found at (http://www.dlife.diabetes). The generic TLD ".diabetes" is being developed by dLife as a name-space and information zone to assist people living with diabetes to cope better with the disease. Websites having the .diabetes TLD extension will have their content vetted and be recognized as "trusted sites".

Only Unifiedroot get you going right here and now

At this time, only Unifiedroot actually makes it happen. Our offering is unique in the world today. No other organization offers the opportunity to register your own custom TLD and actually start using it as a new generic domain extension. Once your TLD has been created, your Internet community can start using this custom-made domain extension immediately.