Your city or region can be your Internet domain

Local communities will discover benefits of their Geographic Name TLD that will be quite specific to their area or region. Below are some common benefits that should be realized by most communities.

Meaningful web addresses for local businesses and institutions

By using web addresses with recognizable local extensions, Geographic Name TLDs facilitate intuitive web searching. They facilitate the creation of local sites with ".GeographicName" addresses for all sorts of services, such as schools, hotels, restaurants, employment agencies, etc. The local domain name extensions are also logical identifiers for businesses and institutions based in a geographic area, including local branches of retail chains, large corporations and international organizations. "Organization.GeographicName"

Great tool for advertising local benefits and resources

The use of city names or names of regions as Geographic Name TLDs helps local businesses and institutions to more effectively advertise and market their products and services to their target audience. Local job opportunities would be a natural to post in the "careers" section of these sites. The hospitality industry and cultural organizations (such as museums) can use them to attract tourists. The local government and business community can use them to strengthen the city brand and compete with other cities more effectively.

Short and memorable domain names for SMEs

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) like bakeries, hairdressers, copy shops, delicatessen, etc. have been disadvantaged when they tried to register their ".com" or "country code" domain name. In many instances their business or trade name had been already taken and they had to resort to their domain name being a varient of their actual name.

Geographic Name TLDs will open up the opportunity for these SMEs to secure a short and memorable domain name address for their business.