Can a country name be registered at Unifiedroot?

No, Unifiedroot does not accept applications for TLDs comprised of, or representing the name of a country (in English or any other language).

Who can apply for a geographic name TLD?

Since Geographic TLDs are relevant to entire communities within a certain geographic area, applications for Geographic TLDs will be reviewed with great care. Applicants must have documented support from their local city government.

What is the cost to register a geographic name TLD?

The registration fee for a geographic name at Unifiedroot is
 EUR 50,000 with an annual renewal fee of EUR 12,500.

Can a geographic name TLD be registered in more than one language?

Yes, Unifiedroot allows Geographic Name TLDs to be registered in multiple languages and script types. Each language version of a TLD will be registered at Unifiedroot as a separate TLD.

Who controls the SLDs associated with a geographic name TLD?

The owner of a Geographic Name TLD acts as the administrator to govern and develop policies pertaining to their associated SLDs. The TLD owner is responsible for monitoring the content that is associated with the SLDs within a Geographic TLD's namespace. Unifiedroot does reserve the right to take action of its own in case of abuse or other violations of the Terms and Conditions set by Unifiedroot.

Can e-mail addresses be associated with new geographic name TLDs?

It is not currently possible to do so, but we may offer this option in the future.

Where do I find the TLD application form?

There is no direct link to the TLD application form. The first step in our application process is to perform a search at our "Availability Check " page to see if the TLD you are looking for is available.

If the TLD you are looking for is available you will see an orange button with the text "Click here to apply for (your TLD)". This link will take you to the application form. We strongly recommended that you first read through all sections of the website before starting the application process.