Put your city on the Internet Map, NOW

An increasing number of cities, regions and local communities recognize the value of having a ".GeographicName" top-level domain. Various initiatives have even been started to rally public support and gather financial donors to fund the formal ICANN TLD application process. Unifiedroot is meeting a clear market demand by offering the possibility to local communities to create web addresses with their own geographic domain name extension NOW!

Some 50+ initiatives world-wide and growing

Unifiedroot is inspired and encouraged by the 50+ initiatives to establish geographic name TLDs, including: ".nyc" , ".london" and ".berlin" (the latter being credited with being the first city to launch such an initiative). While it should be noted that Unifiedroot has no formal links with these organizations, we strongly identify with their mission to create their own Geographic Name TLDs.

Unifiedroot's unique proposition: Get going immediately!

As an independent root server system  operator Unifiedroot has the ability to register Geographic Name TLDs for public use on the Internet now. This means that web users the world over can start visiting the web addresses associated with these new TLDs once they have been registered with us. Unifiedroot also offers the opportunity for a Geographic Name TLDs to be registered in the local language and script.

Unifiedroot is ready to accommodate community groups that are waiting for ICANN to open its application, evaluation and approval process for new geographical name TLDs. Community groups that are ready to move forward with their TLD initiatives now can apply for a geographic name TLD at Unifiedroot. If in the future an owner of a Unifiedroot geographic name TLD would prefer to register at ICANN, Unifiedroot would work closely to migrate this TLD over to ICANN.

Extend the limits of web browsing today

To view TLDs registered at Unifiedroot users must first be able to query our root servers. Unifiedroot has ingeniously solved this problem.  From the original source code of Mozilla's Firefox browser we have developed our own browser. The browser has been designed to seamlessly recognize all the TLDs we are familiar with now from ICANN as well as all the TLDs on the Unifiedroot root servers."