Draw visitors to websites in their own language

Unifiedroot offers the possibility to create custom IDNs. You can now reach out to Internet users with domain names that are entirely in their native language. Organizations from across the globe can finally register domain names their audiences can understand and identify with at first sight. Never before has the democratization of the Internet taken a greater leap forward.

Register your IDNs in multiple languages

Unifiedroot offers business and institutions that reach out to international audiences the possibility to simultaneously register Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) in various different languages. These specific Top-Level Domains can be used as new generic domain extensions. Businesses and institutions can also choose to register their trademarks in other languages and script types as IDNs.

Benefits that apply to Brand Name and Generic TLDs also apply to IDNs

In addition to these specific linguistic benefits that apply to Internationalized Domain names, all other benefits that apply to brand and generic TLDs are equally valid and worth considering:

  • You can create short, easy to remember domain names in your own language
  • Custom IDNs are ideal for advertising and creating on-line campaigning
  • A Brand Name IDN can be seen as your web sites' signature
  • The actual use of your IDN is an important step towards establishing Intellectual Property rights
  • You can use theme-based generic word IDNs to build or strengthen online communities
  • You can create a revenue stream by selling SLDs registered under your IDN

Check out the "Brand Name TLDs  " and "Generic Word TLDs  " pages for more information.