Navigate the Web in your own language

While English is probably the most widely used language in business, the majority of the world's population communicate in other languages. The Latin script is foreign to people using non-Latin characters in their written script. However, the Internet as you know it is about to undergo radical change! Unifiedroot enables business and institutions who wish to reach out to non-English speaking communities to create and start using TLDs in other languages and script types.

Create domains entirely in Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, etc.

At Unifiedroot you can now create Internet addresses made up of words and symbols from languages that use non-Latin script types, such as Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi. Unconventional domain names like these below are likely to soon represent a new standard:

  • Гостиницы.Москвa
  •  商展2010年.上海市
  •  होम.दिरेक्टोरी
  • دبي.المطار