Unifiedroot's guidelines for applying for a TLD or IDN

  • At this time only companies, organizations, and institutions can apply for a TLD or IDN.
  • The information you provide to us in our TLD or IDN application form must be complete and accurate.
  • You have verified in our WHOIS database or through the Availability Check that the TLD or IDN you want to register is available in our System.
  • You are entitled to register and use the requested TLD or IDN and such registration or use will not violate any laws and/or regulations.
  • The TLD or IDN that you wish to register is not infringing any rights (including without limitation Intellectual Property rights).
  • You are not applying for a TLD or IDN registration in bad faith; i.e.
     (a.)  for the purpose of selling, renting, or otherwise transferring the TLD to the owner of any Intellectual Property in a trademark, service mark, utility mark, tradename,  or business name, that is identical or substantially similar to your TLD;
     (b.)  for the purpose of preventing such owner of any Intellectual Property rights from using its Intellectual Property rights in a corresponding TLD or SLD;
     (c.)  for the purpose of disrupting the business of someone else; or
     (d.)  for any other unlawful purpose.

The following TLD's and IDN's cannot be registered at Unifiedroot:

  1. TLDs that do not meet the following technical requirements: a minimum of 3 characters comprised of the Latin alphabet (a-z), the digits (0-9) and the hyphen (-) insofar as they are combined with at least 1 letter of the Latin alphabet;
  2. a maximum of 28 characters (not including the SLD); and
  3. not beginning or ending with a hyphen ("-").
  4. TLDs and IDNs comprised of the full name of a country or an abbreviation.
  5. TLDs comprised of names and numbers for emergency services (e.g. ambulance, fire, police) or disaster relief, civil defense, military, rescue, and other public safety activities.
  6. TLDs and IDNs mentioned in our Whois database and/or the Availability Check;
  7. TLDs and IDNs that already exists at ICANN & IANA; and
  8. TLDs and IDNs that are on ICANN's restrictive list.

TLD and IDN application forms

There is no direct link to the TLD and IDN application forms. The first step in our application process is to perform a search at our Availability Check  page to see if the TLD or IDN you are looking for is available.

If the TLD or IDN you are looking for is available you will see an orange button with the text "Click here to apply for (your TLD or IDN)". This link will take you to the application form.