Unifiedroot is accepting applications for Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) 


Companies, organizations and city geo-domain name groups are welcome to apply for a TLD or IDN.

There is no application fee and the cost to register premium, high value, top-level domains will be held at 50,000 EUR and renewals at 12,500 EUR.

For more details please read our FAQs

Advantages for early participants

The owners of new TLDs and IDNs in Unifiedroot's will have a huge advantage as they will be able to develop and start using their own domain name space immediately. They will have an opportunity to be recognized as leaders within their industry sector and community.

The significant advantage for Unifiedroot TLD, IDN and SLD owners is that by using their TLDs, IDNs and SLDs, they will be taking important steps toward establishing their Intellectual Property rights  in those TLDs, IDNs and SLDs.

A basic premise of Intellectual Property law is that actual use creates rights . Building out content and attracting traffic to a TLD, IDN or SLD will strengthen one's claim to its Intellectual Property rights.

New and exciting revenue streams  can be realized as TLD and IDN owners can sell second-level domains (SLDs), develop new applications and services based from their new domains, and create global awareness about their brand.

TLD owners will be able to govern and set policy over their namespace, in essence to control the use and development of their TLD so as to ensure the integrity of their namespace and protect the interests of their customers and members.

Application Process

To submit an application for a generic TLD or IDN:

  1. Perform an Availability Check  for the TLD or IDN;
  2. If the TLD or IDN is available you will see an orange button with the text "Click here to apply for (your TLD)". This link will take you to the application form;
  3. Answer all questions in sufficient detail to allow us to understand how you would use the TLD or IDN;
  4. Once you have completed all three sections of the application form click on the "Submit" button;

Once your application has been submitted:

  • You will be contacted to provide additional information and documents we may need to assist us in evaluating your application;
  • If your application is accepted a contract will be sent with an invoice for the registration of the TLD or IDN;
  • Your TLD or IDN will be included in Unifiedroot's root server system once we receive the signed contract and payment is made in full.